What do lobbyists do?

“The Podestas Face Tough Questions About Lobbying,” by Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic, October 1, 2010 From Lobbying and Advocacy, by Deanna Gelak: §1.1 Introduction Nearly every legislative day, thousands of lobbyists are watching, monitoring, and working to influence the outcome of legislation at the federal level. Simultaneously, lobbyists are presenting hundreds of testimonies and briefings … Read more

Overview of the Internal Workings of Congress

Most people do not need a solid understanding of the internal workings and dynamics of Congress. However, without warning, it can become necessary to understand as much as possible regarding how Congress works. This is precisely what occurs when individuals find they must testify before Congress or they decide to become involved in grassroots advocacy. … Read more

Political Action Committees (PACs)–What you Need to Know

One of the most common methods for raising money for political parties or candidates is through the use of a political action committee or PAC. While political action committees are often associated with candidates they can be used in correlation with many types of organizations, such as unions and businesses. In addition, a political action … Read more

Proposing Legislation to Congress

Federal legislation is introduced as a proposal by either a Senator or a Representative in the House of Representatives. Before a bill can actually become a law, the proposal must be passed by the Senate as well as the House by a majority vote. It must then be signed into law by the president, or … Read more

Advocacy through Grassroots Organization

Grassroots lobbying has become a popular and common method for attempting to influence the outcome of legislation. At the most basic level, grassroots lobbying involves citizens simply contacting their legislators to convince them to take a certain stand either for or against a specific piece of legislation. One of the reasons that grassroots lobbying is … Read more

A Guide for Communicating with Congress

Writing your Congressman or Congresswoman can be a great way to communicate your concerns regarding relevant issues. Today, most members of Congress prefer to hear from constituents through email due to the fact that it is faster, does not pose any security risks and is much easier to sort. All members of Congress can be … Read more