Spring 2014 Legislative, Communication, and Media Training from TheCapitol.Net

Our latest email update: TCNEU.com If you don’t have time to attend our live training, see our Capitol Learning Audio Courses. Federal Agencies: We are on the GSA Schedule for custom training, Contract: GS02F0192X TheCapitol.Net, Inc. Contract GS02F0192X CatalogLegislative, Advocacy, Communication, and Media Training and PublicationsFrom TheCapitol.Net  Download Download TheCapitol.Net’s Catalog (44-pages, 5.9 MB PDF) … Read more

Congressional Operations Briefing: Capitol Hill Workshop – How Congress Works, in Washington, DC, September 17-19, 2014

Congressional Operations Briefing – Capitol Hill Workshop Intensive 3-day Congressional Operations Briefing and Seminar Congressional decision-making is driven by politics, policy and process. This engaging workshop and seminar on legislative operations provides the full Capitol Hill experience as our Washington-based experts focus on these 3 P’s. They discuss the policy-making process and the legislative agenda, … Read more

Changes in Mandatory Program Spending / CHIMPS (CongressionalGlossary.com)

From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms Changes in Mandatory Program Spending / CHIMPS   Sessions Unveils Amendments To Combat Billions In Spending Through Waste, Gimmicks   CHIMP is an acronym for a “CHange (either a cost or a savings) In a Mandatory Program” that is proposed or enacted in an appropriations … Read more

Writing for Government and Business: Critical Thinking and Writing – 1-day course in DC, April 3, 2014

Writing for Government and Business: Critical Thinking and Writing How to Compose Clear and Effective Reports, Letters, Email, and Memos Do you need to improve your writing skills? This intensive one-day course helps you, and your staff, understand the three dimensions of professional writing: organization, format and style. Our writing courses are designed for those … Read more

Pocket Constitution

The Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and the Amendments to the Constitution, all in a handy pocket-sized booklet. Our Pocket Constitution is available for purchase in multiples of 25 copies with Free Shipping. Single copies are available for $5 each. A free download of our Pocket Constitution is available on Scribd. Singles and sets of … Read more