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Executive Communication / Executive Document

Old document, by storebukkebruse
Old document, by storebukkebruse

Executive Communication: A message sent to the Senate by the president or other executive branch official. Presidential veto messages are an example of an “executive communication.”

Executive Document: A document, usually a treaty, sent to the Senate by the president for approval. Executive documents are referred to committee in the same manner as other measures. Unlike legislative documents, however, treaties don’t die at the end of a Congress but remain “live” proposals until acted on by the Senate or withdrawn by the president.

Prior to 1818, executive documents did not appear in printed form and prior to 1930 they were considered confidential with limited distribution. Even after 1930, they were not disseminated through the normal distribution channels.

Also see Executive Business; Executive Calendar; Executive Session; Treaties; § 6.180, Senate Calendars and Legislative
and Executive Business before the Senate, § 9.70 Laws and Their Codification, § 10.20 Floor Documents, in Congressional Deskbook.







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