Crony Capitalism / Rent-Seeking / Corporate Welfare / Revolving Door (

Crony Capitalism / Rent-Seeking / Corporate Welfare / Revolving Door Corporate welfare refers to subsidies and regulatory protections that lawmakers confer on certain businesses and industries. When considering budget issues, federal policymakers are supposed to have the broad public interest in mind. Unfortunately, that is not how the federal budget process usually works in practice. … Read more

In Washington, a divided America is good for business.

  Neil Sedaka – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do   Washington is an endless maze of funhouse mirrors, a fact we’re reminded of once a year when The Hill publishes its 50 Most Beautiful list [2017 was the last one], replete with people who are Washington hot, which is a step above rehab hot … Read more

Corruption in Alexandria, VA?

[Alexandria (VA) City Architect Henry] Lewis started raising hell and — to make a long story short — [Jeremy] McPike got him fired. An Alexandria jury found that Lewis had been wrongfully terminated, according to the anti-retaliation provisions of the Virginia Fraud against Taxpayers Act, and awarded him $104,000 in back pay. The city is … Read more

But Wait! There’s More!

Willy Bays for Crony Clean: The spray that breaks down bureaucracy! See also Crony Capitalism / Rent-Seeking / Corporate Welfare / Revolving Door (     Courses Congressional Operations Briefing – Capitol Hill Workshop Drafting Federal Legislation and Amendments Writing for Government and Business: Critical Thinking and Writing Custom Training Congressional Operations Poster, with Federal … Read more

K Street / Gucci Gulch (

From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms K Street / Gucci Gulch Colloquialisms for Washington, DC, lobbyists. K Street is taken from K Street NW in Washington, DC, where many lobbying firms are located. K Street is definitely “inside the Beltway.” Pork Party House: Where DC insiders go for taxpayer-subsidized fun Gucci … Read more