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Senate practice today generally concedes to the Majority Leader the prerogative of arranging the floor schedule of the Senate and making unanimous consent requests and motions to proceed to consider bills and other items of business. The Majority Leader is also chiefly responsible for negotiating unanimous consent agreements governing the consideration of items of business.

In the House, after a measure has been reported from committee, it is placed on a calendar. Whether the measure comes off its respective calendar and receives floor consideration is the responsibility of the majority-party leadership. Leadership is also responsible for influencing the way in which a measure is considered.

Also see Congressional Leadership and Committees.



Also see § 6.70 House Floor: Scheduling and Privilege, and § 6.160 Senate Scheduling, in Congressional Deskbook; Chapter 3.D. Hearings in Committees, Chapter 4.B. Scheduling of Legislation (House), Chapter 5.B. Scheduling of Legislation (Senate), in Congressional Procedure.





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