Filibuster, Cloture, Presidential Nominations, Article II Section 2 – CRS Reports

U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 2 “Voting and Quorum Procedures in the Senate,” CRS Report 96-452 (17-page PDF) “Procedures for Considering Changes in Senate Rules,” CRS Report R42929 (21-page PDF) “Proposals to Change the Operation of Cloture in the Senate,” CRS Report R41342 (26-page PDF) “Proposals to Reform ‘Holds’ in the Senate,” CRS Report RL31685 … Read more

Filibuster / Unlimited Debate (

Filibuster / Unlimited Debate Creative Commons License photo credit: PatrickRohe When a senator is recognized to speak on a pending measure, few limitations are placed on her. Debate is generally unlimited on all pending measures. A senator may yield to another senator for a question, but the senator still controls the floor. One of the … Read more

Cloture / Rule XXII / Nuclear Option (Congressional Glossary)

From the Congressional Glossary – Including Legislative and Budget Terms Cloture / Rule XXII / Nuclear Option photo credit: Robbie1 Cloture is the process by which a filibuster can be ended in the Senate other than by unanimous consent. Cloture is the only procedure by which the Senate can vote to set an end to … Read more